Listen i was really against pizza rolls and poptarts for a long time too ,but theres something about that artifical taste you just cant find out there in the wild. Dont knock it, embrace. Im a synthetic vegan now, i will only eat food with the most amount of perservatives and bullshit in it. This is the new age.

Stress is on!

2015-08-19 11:33:59 by Lt-Raume

Havent been around much, even though i want more than anything to be more part of this site, its perfect legit.

I dont really wanna go to college for art since it seems like a waste of money to me, but it's hard to convince family members; so i guess im going now. The problem with this is Im heading into senior year with pretty shit grades and whatnot, i dont have anything for a portfolio yet. I mean whatever, I'll get through this; I always do but it's really hard to balance all the work that's ahead right now for me. Ironically, this summer has been harder than my school year haha.


So anyways yea, thats why I havent been more active, I think things will get more stressful as the year goes on but who knows.Im going to try my best to keep this all updated, because cmon this is miles ahead of Deviant Art; kinda sad to see that site slowly die. RIP: 12 year old weeaboo years

*looks around, nods* Nice

2015-02-19 13:29:11 by Lt-Raume

Man like i havent been on newgrounds since i was like, in elementary school so its good to be back but I literally have no idea how to use this website anymore

Anyway, newgrounds always had a good vibe to me. Deviantart is kinda eh, tumblr is really EH but this place is like a warm womb of creativty. Nice