Entry #3

Dont knock it like its some kind of chump

2016-03-10 17:36:41 by Lt-Raume

Listen i was really against pizza rolls and poptarts for a long time too ,but theres something about that artifical taste you just cant find out there in the wild. Dont knock it, embrace. Im a synthetic vegan now, i will only eat food with the most amount of perservatives and bullshit in it. This is the new age.


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2016-03-10 17:58:19

Would a synth-vegan vote for Donald Trump? (See it rhymes with the title of this post...)
He used steak and wine as a prop for some press conference he had recently.

Nah, can't agree, wish I could, considering how nasty factory farms have become, and how few ppl actually grow/raise their own food anymore. I miss real vanilla extract, real sugar (not corn syrup, that's in practically everything), real meat. Veggies aren't bad since the nastier pesticides have been phased out, but wow sometimes oil derived fertilizers really spoil the taste :p

Lt-Raume responds:

I feel like a synth-vegan would actually attempt to bring Larry the Cable Guy into the White House where he BELONGS..

But holy hell yeah dude it's kinda surreal how I cant remember ever seeing actual homegrown sugar and vanilla . I live in a relatively rural area and even then its usually just honey and various vegetables.
I guess it's just the issue of people not having enough space/money/time!


2016-03-12 00:26:58

I saw Larry hosting some kind of reality TV a few years back, seems like a well adjusted guy. Trump on the other hand... I used to listen to him on the Howard Stern radio show in the 90's, he had political ambitions back then.

I grew a few sugar beets one year, Ma tinkered it into sugar, which tasted rocky, but clean. Shit, last time I bought home made honey, it was cut with Caro. In fact all store bought honey's cut with corn syrup these days, the expiration date on the bottom's a dead giveaway, since uncut honey has no expiration date.